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86,000 Square Foot Executive Office & Manufacturing Facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin
86,000 Square Foot Executive Office & Manufacturing Facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

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DustMASTER® Enviro Systems is dedicated to the management of hazardous and non-hazardous dusts worldwide. As a division of Mixer Systems, Inc., DustMASTER utilizes their expertise in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment, batch plants and mixers for environmental and industrial markets.

Mixer Systems was formed when company founder William Boles purchased the Turbin & Tilter mixer lines in 1979 from the T.L. Smith Company; based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. T.L. Smith introduced the pan mixer (now known as the legendary Turbin Mixer) concept to North America in 1955. More than 2,000 Turbin Mixers have been sold to the present day making Mixer Systems the largest producer of pan mixers in North America.

DustMASTER® Enviro Systems Division was formed in 1984 to represent the environmental product line at Mixer Systems. At the heart of the line is the Turbin Mixer. That same year Mixer Systems purchased the Praschak product line Spiral Blade Mixers. In 2006, Mixer Systems has also developed the first ever American made Planetary Mixer to expand on their ever-growing product line.

Several of Mixer Systems personnel are former T.L. Smith Company employees, who add to our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of our full product line. This results in DustMASTER® Enviro Systems' capability to design, manufacture, install and start-up complete systems for all of your dust handling needs - hazardous and non-hazardous alike.

Whether you're a manufacturer, utility, or recycler, you inevitably end up with dust and waste materials. But your problems are just beginning. Disposing of them while meeting today's stringent environmental laws and restrictions are increasingly difficult. More and more companies are relying on DustMASTER® Enviro Systems. We offer you an array of solutions - from individual components to entire systems - for putting dust and waste behind you. We can help you not only dispose of your problems, but also turn them into an opportunity.

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