Decades of know-how behind every DustMASTER machine.


DustMASTER® Enviro Systems is dedicated to the mixing and management of industrial materials and byproducts worldwide. As a division of Mixer Systems, Inc., DustMASTER utilizes their expertise in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment, batch plants and mixers for environmental and industrial markets.

Mixer Systems was formed when company founder William Boles purchased the Turbin & Tilter mixer lines in 1979 from the T.L. Smith Company, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. T.L. Smith introduced the pan mixer (now known as the legendary Turbin Mixer) concept to North America in 1955. With more than 3,000 Turbin Mixers sold, Mixer Systems is the largest producer of pan mixers in North America.

Mixer Systems established DustMASTER in 1984 to introduce its mixing technology and expertise to industrial markets that have dust management needs.

Responding to the opportunities of emerging markets, DustMASTER is also deploying our solutions to mix and manage materials beyond industrial dusts. From aerating to homogenizing to slurrying and more, the capabilities of DustMASTER equipment are virtually unlimited.


To ensure quality and durability, DustMASTER manufactures each mixer—including its customized controls-at our 86,000 square-foot headquarters.


  • about-timeline-1900

    An industry first

    Thomas L. Smith founds the T.L. Smith Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It manufactures one of the first concrete mixers ever developed.
  • timeline-02@2x

    Thinking big

    Mixers from the T. L. Smith Company, the largest concrete mixers in the world, are used for the construction of the first stadium of the Ohio State University in 1922, and the mighty Wilson Dam in Alabama in 1924.

  • about-timeline-1955

    The Turbin® revolution begins

    T.L. Smith introduces the pan mixer (now known as the Turbin® mixer) concept to North America. The Turbin mixer is the heart of the DustMASTER product line. Today, there are more than 3,000 Turbin mixers in use worldwide.

  • about-timeline-1979

    Mixer Systems, Inc. forms

    William Boles purchases the Turbin mixer line from the T.L. Smith Company to form Mixer Systems. The company is headquartered on West National Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1979 through 1981.

  • about-timeline-1983

    Stokar takes the heat

    Mixer Systems purchases the Stokar product line from Portec Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Stokar is the industry standard of metal producers worldwide for stoking, skimming and charging operations of electric furnaces.

  • about-timeline-1984-1

    Horizontal shaft mixer joins the line-up

    Mixer Systems acquires the Praschak™ product line of horizontal shaft spiral blade and paddle mixers, skip hoist and Hammermill crushers. The new mixers expand customer choices, while skip hoist adds material handling capabilities.

  • about-timeline-1984-2

    DustMASTER® Enviro Systems Division forms

    Extending Mixer System’s mixing technology to new markets, the company establishes the DustMASTER Division. It serves the dust conditioning, material processing and environmental needs of diverse industries.

  • about-timeline-1984-3

    GlassMASTER® Division opens new markets

    The Turbin and planetary mixers gain new assignments, in the global glass industry. Their proven technology produces world-class glass such as float, container, fiberglass and frit glass, as well as fine materials and colored mixes.

  • about-timeline-1986-1

    Moving forward

    Mixer Systems relocates to its present headquarters in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The facility, which totals 86,000 sq. ft. including a 1996 addition, houses sales and service, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and parts warehousing.

  • about-timeline-1986-2

    EconoBATCH™ enters production

    Mixer Systems introduces a flexible batch plant for medium-volume concrete producers. With capacities up to 48 yards/hour, EconoBATCH can pair with four different mixer designs and handle up to six aggregates and two cements.

  • about-timeline-1988

    Mix E-100 Batch Control automates production

    Mixer System custom designs automation systems to control mixers and integrate with plant operations. Engineers start with a base PLC and build to customer specifications.

  • about-timeline-1993

    Turbin Mixer XL receives complete redesign

    New features include: discharge door and top cover assembly with easy access maintenance doors; mixer rotating case and mixing arms/paddles configurations to provide a more homogenous mix and quicker discharges; added safety guarding to drive belt access areas.

  • about-timeline-1997-1

    BatchMASTER® sets the pace

    Mixer Systems offers a custom-designed plant for high-volume concrete products producers, capable of producing up to 250 yards/hour. Customers configure their BatchMASTER plant from a complete range of performance-proven components.

  • about-timeline-2005

    Ag-Flow™ aids all-weather mixing

    The acquisition of Ag-Flow Aggregate Heating and Cooling Systems complements the Mixer Systems product line. By conditioning material prior to mixing, Ag-Flow reduces lost days of production due to unfavorable weather.

  • about-timeline-2006

    Skid Mount Batch Plant speeds setup

    Mixer Systems introduces a flexible, affordable plant for startups and expansions, the first to be engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. MIX Skid Mount Plant features production rates up to 300 yards/day and can be set up in as little as two days. Offers three different mixer designs, with capacities from ½ cu. yd. to 2 cu. yd. Available in one-piece or two-piece assemblies.

  • about-timeline-2007

    Only in America

    Planetary mixers from Mixer Systems are the only ones of their kind designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. They produce a unique counter-current mixing action, resulting in a fast, homogenous mix in as little as 30 seconds.

  • about-timeline-2009-1

    E-150 Batch Control introduces next-generation automation

    Advanced design uses PLC base with a touchscreen interface. It can manage 6 aggregates, 2 cements, 4 admixes and 1 water, and store up to 50 mix designs. Easily replaces previous controls for a reliable and rugged upgrade.

  • about-timeline-2009–2

    Twin shaft mixers debut

    Mixer Systems introduces the first twin shaft mixers to be designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. The 4- and 6-cu. yd. models are designed for ease of service and maintenance.

  • about-timeline-2019-1

    Second generation owners take charge

    Following the passing of William Boles in 2014, the second generation of family owners assumes management responsibilities. David Boles heads the GlassMASTER division, and Lesley (Boles) Hill leads marketing and communications.

  • about-timeline-2019-2

    Acromix product line comes on board

    Mixer Systems acquires the Acromix product line of small batch plants, paddle mixers, and material handling accessories. The new products expand customer choices, while providing continuing parts and service to existing customers.

  • about-timeline-2019-3

    40 years and counting

    The company that William Boles built celebrates its 40th anniversary of proudly designing and manufacturing a complete line of mixers and material handling equipment in the U.S.A.




Like Mixer Systems equipment, the DustMASTER product line is manufactured in our own 86,000 square-foot facility. It houses advanced product planning, engineering, design, and state-of-the-art fabrication. In addition, Mixer Systems maintains an inventory of 40,000 parts, and 97% of orders are shipped within 24 hours to keep customers’ systems up and running.

Efficient mixing and material handling are critical to utilities that manage residual wastes as well as manufacturers that process multiple ingredients. More and more companies around the world are relying on DustMASTER® Enviro Systems to support their operations. We offer you an array of solutions—from individual components to entire systems—for turning raw materials into the ingredients of success.


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