Our partnership with you is as long-lasting as our equipment.


When you buy DustMASTER equipment, you get an entire support system dedicated to helping you be productive and profitable. In fact, our services begin before the sale with consulting to determine which mixer and/or material handling equipment best matches your needs. We continue with engineering and manufacturing to your specifications, and installation and training. Long after the sale, we stand behind our products—and you—with parts and service resources that are the envy of the industry.



You have a byproduct to be managed or materials to be mixed. Let us take it from there. At DustMASTER, we invest time upfront to understand your needs fully. This phase can involve a convenient phone conference or a comprehensive site visit. Finding the system that fits is the first step towards a solution built around your needs.


We’ll run a free test of material on the mixer we’re proposing to confirm it meets performance objectives. Ship sample drums of your material to our facility, we’ll perform the test and send you the results. We want you to be confident that our equipment can do the job before they’re on the job.


DustMASTER takes pride in being complete plant/batch system designers as well as manufacturers. Talented mechanical and electrical engineers work side-by-side with skilled technicians and assemblers. Every piece of equipment we produce reflects our years of experience and knowledge of the industry. With that kind of expertise in-house, we can build a system to your specifications.


Precise control of material batching, cycle times and hydration levels is critical to every batch. DustMASTER ensures you’ll have command of the mix by designing control systems in-house. Our electrical engineers start with a PLC base, then build out a system for each mixer’s operating parameters. The result is the kind of seamless integration between control system and mixer that you can only get when components are made for each other.


The DustMASTER product line is manufactured in our own 86,000 square-foot facility. It houses advanced product planning, engineering, design, and state-of-the-art fabrication. In addition, we maintain an inventory of 40,000 service and wear spare parts, and 97% of orders are shipped within 24 hours to keep your system up and running.


DustMASTER installations are completed by MSI authorized service & installation crews, because nobody knows your equipment better than the people who manufacture it. We make sure to get you up and running quickly along with protecting your investment. Don’t leave the critical step of installation to inexperienced contractors. When you utilize our services, you gain the advantage of single-source responsibility for everything from installation and startup to emergency service. Proper installation and operator training can speed your startup time and reduce operating costs.


We provide supervision of the important equipment startup stage with our factory-trained technicians. We know your equipment best and how to make sure all systems are functioning optimally from the beginning. If troubleshooting is required, we have a direct connection to the factory. Start out right with our full support behind you.


New operators on the job? Need a refresher on using your DustMASTER equipment at peak efficiency? We’ll schedule on-site training at your convenience. A factory expert will bring your team up to speed on all aspects of the supplied equipment and make sure you’re receiving maximum output from your equipment. Maybe you just have a question that needs a quick answer. Our service department is standing by to be of help.


If you’re thinking big, we’re behind you all the way. DustMASTER has extensive experience in designing and supervising the construction of new batch plants. Rely on the experts who know what it takes to build new plants from the ground up.


Companies frequently turn to DustMASTER for facility and equipment upgrades. We can advise you on areas where you’re likely to see the highest return on your investment, help you weigh replacing versus refurbishing, and suggest new or different equipment to meet changing business conditions.


DustMASTER can bring it all together for you with single-source responsibility. From engineering and manufacturing your new equipment to plant construction, installation, startup and training, DustMASTER offers you a complete solution. Leaving the job up to independent contractors often results in lapses of responsibility and adds time and frustration to a project.


For pricing on our products and services, please request a quote.